About us

Who are we ?

MeetYourSchool is the very first virtual platform
dedicated to academic orientation.

In France, it is very difficult for high school graduates to be informed of all the different educational paths they can take. That often leads to choices by default and eventually dropouts.

Only 40% of the students that reach third-level education follow the same path throughout their whole college years. 20% don’t even finish their degree. We can not let students randomly find their way, failure after failure.

That’s why we decided to revolutionize the way school counselling works and came up with the concept of virtual student fairs. Indeed, there are a lot of disparities between high school students from majors cities and the ones from smaller towns. MonSalonEtudiant.com puts an end to this inequity.

Wherever you are, directly from your computer, your smartphone or your tablet, you can access to the fairs, chat with the representatives, download documents, watch videos… Everything was designed to offer the same experience as a « classic » student fair.

Our goal is to make you save time and money. We, at MonSalonEtudiant.com, want to get rid of old-fashioned school guidance and offer your a quick, reliable and clear source of information.

Find your future in a few clicks !